A gig is a gig

Look, sometimes we do what we need to do for a buck. I’m no different. (I’ve answered to the name “whore” on more than one occasion.)
I’ve often asked myself, if I weren’t making a living writing music, what would I do? Would I teach? Get a job with an arts organization?

Or would I dress up as a super hero and pose for pictures with children?

Say “no” to drugs, kids!

No, that’s not actually me on the left, but the resemblance is kind of freaking me out. And making me reconsider my current profession.

Why does my doppelganger have to be the lame Green Lantern, and not Batman? Or Wonder Woman? Come on — The Green Lantern?! What could he really do, anyway? I think he had a magical ring. Oh, yeah, that’s bad-ass. What’s more powerful than this?

One cool thing about the Green Lantern, according to Wiki — “He was the first DC superhero to use his powers selfishly (in his romance with Carol Ferris).” Now that’s what I’m talking about. If I had super powers — even if they only came from my magical class ring — I would totally use them selfishly. Oh, and the sweet revenge I’d inflict… Maybe class rings are cool.

No, wait. They’re not. (To clarify — they’re perfectly fine when you’re 17. When you’re 47, and you’re wearing it on a chain around your neck, not so much.)

But John Mackey look-alikes who dress like the Green Lantern — that is cool.


jim says

You're right, dude -- the likeness is uncanny.

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