If you aren’t watching the new season of “24,” well, we can’t be friends anymore.


Kevin Collins says

I have to say, not only is your music great, but 24 is a great show.

John Mackey says

Excellent. This means we can be friends.

Daniel Montoya, Jr. says

Bring back Kim Bauer!!!

John Mackey says

Okay, you'd better be joking about Kim Bauer, because believing that Kim Bauer is anything other than the worst "24" character ever also disqualifies you from being my friend.

R says

Good stuff although I'm not liking this waiting a week for another episode thing.

Newman says

I'm with ya, John -- she was pretty heinous -- but to be fair, you can't change the rules in the middle of the game. By default, Daniel's your friend for watching, no matter his taste in TV Twinkies... ;-)

Daniel Montoya, Jr. says

...and Elisha Cuthbert is one hell of a twinkie!!

Nikk Pilato says

Elisha Cuthbert = Yum.

Elisha Cuthbert's acting = Yuck.

I still wouldn't kick her out of bed for eating crackers...

...unless Crackers was her dog.

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