Let Me Be Frank With You (band)

Wind Ensemble/3'/Difficulty - Medium/2022

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Vandegrift High School Wind Ensemble
conducted by Katie VanDoren

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In the summer of 2020, in the midst of COVID, I desperately felt like I needed to write something joyful. So I started writing, and after about 24 measures, I had this terrible feeling – not uncommon for composers – that maybe the piece I was writing had already been written. And in this case, I feared that I had just plagiarized Frank Ticheli.

I sent the opening to Frank, who was incredibly gracious in his response. He said that he had NOT written this tune – although it’s clear that could have. This is a Ticheli-esque tune if ever I had written one!

It turns out that if I think “let’s just write 3 minutes of joyful fun,” my brain jumps to “you mean Ticheli with an excessive amount of snare drum and a few extra wrong notes.”

Thank you to Frank Ticheli – to whom the piece is dedicated – for his inspiration.

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A consortium of bands:

Allatoona High School Symphonic Winds
Allen High School Band Wind Ensemble
Archbishop MacDonald High School Bands
Big Spring High School Concert Band
Biloxi High School Wind Ensemble
Bridgewater College Symphonic Band
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Clovis North Educational Center Wind Ensemble
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