Commission Consortium

Wind Ensemble/3'/Difficulty - Medium/2020

to commission a new version of “Let Me Be Frank With You” for concert band

This is the opportunity to join the consortium to commission a new version of “Let Me Be Frank With You” for full concert band. The new version, to be difficulty level “Grade 4,” will be delivered in Fall 2021. The official world premiere will be at the Midwest Clinic with the Vandegrift High School Wind Ensemble, but all consortium performances are considered premieres and should be indicated that way in programs and concert announcements.

Buying into this commission will entitle you to a full set of materials (score and parts) provided via PDF upon completion.

Your name and school will be included in every published score, so please be sure the information is correct when you check out!

You may also request an optional Zoom session with your ensemble (to be scheduled this fall), lasting up to 60 minutes, for a Q&A with John Mackey.





Zoom session (to be scheduled later)




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MIDI demo

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Scrolling playback of MIDI demo

In the summer of 2020, in the midst of COVID, I felt like I needed to write something joyful. So I started writing, and after about 24 measures, I had this terrible feeling - not uncommon for composers - that maybe the piece I was writing had already been written. And in this case, I feared that I had just plagiarized Frank Ticheli.
I sent the opening to Frank, who was incredibly gracious in his response. He said that he had NOT written this tune - although maybe he COULD have. I agree - this is a Ticheli-esque tune if ever I had written one.
I finished the piece a few weeks later - my first attempt at writing from scratch for an adaptable instrumentation. I hope musicians (and eventually audiences!) enjoy this little 3 minute piece, in whatever combination of players come together to work on it. And thank you to Frank Ticheli - to whom the piece is dedicated - for his inspiration.