Chamber Music, Percussion/12'30"/Difficulty - Really hard/2004

for percussion ensemble

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Performed by the Temple University Percussion Ensemble

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Excerpts from "Mass," with choreography by Robert Battle
Performed by the Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater

My latest collaboration with Robert Battle, Mass is for six percussionists — 3 mallet players and 3 “drummers” (bass drum, timpani, etc.). It was my first whole-hearted attempt at writing a minimalist piece, and I learned that it’s a difficult style to do well! (Try to write a 14-minute piece with extremely limited materials, but keep it interesting, and develop some kind of overarching drama!) It starts extremely slowly and quietly, and builds to one final explosion at the end.


May 2004

Juilliard Percussion Ensemble and Juilliard Dance Division

Commissioned by

Juilliard Dance Division

funded by Mary Rodgers Guettel