Do Not Go Gentle

Orchestra/9'/Difficulty - Medium/2004

Full Score (11x17 paper)




Do Not Go Gentle

performed by the Greater Twin Cities Youth Symphony
conducted by Paul Jan Zdunek

Score not available

This work, composed when I was 19, is based on a few short motives that are transformed rhythmically and texturally throughout the piece. My intention with “Do Not Go Gentle” was to write a piece that would be challenging for young musicians to play – it’s rather difficult in some sections – without presenting seemingly impossible technical demands. The piece takes its title from the Dylan Thomas poem of the same name, although my work has no direct programmatic connection to the Thomas poem. In fact, I decided on the title after the piece was complete. One of my teachers, John Corigliano, argued that I should change the title, given that Thomas’s poem is so well known.

Following the premiere performance, an older woman approached me. Inspired, and perhaps a bit frightened by the great dynamic contrasts in “Do Not Go Gentle,” she suggested that I call the piece “And the Walls Came Tumblin’ Down!” Although her suggestion is quite fitting, the piece has since developed an identity of its own with its current title, and I think it’s best to leave well enough alone.

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May 15, 1994

Cleveland Orchestra Youth Orchestra

Commissioned by

Cleveland Orchestra Youth Orchestra